Yoga Mixes

I get a huge amount of pleasure from mixing music. Whether it's a proper DJ mix or a playlist, getting the music just right for the time and place is a true art form. It lets me be infinitely creative. 

Putting a smooth mix together is like making a jigsaw puzzle. Somewhere out there, in my own collection or out in the world, is a track that fits perfectly with the one before and the one after. Fitting these pieces together results in a truly great mix. 

Having music in a yoga class is amazing because people are generally more open. The Yoga quietens the mind, helps them really hear the intricate musicality of tracks and how they can enhance the experience. Each month I put up a mix of the music I’ve been working with in class – like a monthly ‘best of’. Below is a selection of mixes. The more current ones can be found in the members only area. 

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