"Thank you so much for everything mate. You can't imagine how much you've changed my life. I still have problems with my back but being able to train again I feel so much better. Its hard for me to describe but I never felt so good in the last 4 years. I will never stop saying thank you." – Mirko, January 2018


"My partner and I love Christian's regular yoga classes and we wanted to take our balance poses to the next level. We booked a private session with Christian by the water at Bondi Beach. It was one to remember! Not only did our balance poses (headstand, crow pose, etc) improve but Christian's great energy and teaching style meant we had an awesome time! We will definitely be doing this again and highly recommend it." – Stephanie, March 2017


"I’ve been flirting with handstands for so many years now, having fun with them but with no real spacial body awareness and with a major absence of grace. I’ve recently been meeting up with Christian for one on one sessions, he’s had me peel right back to to the beginning where I’m creating a completely fresh start, frustrated at first but now I can see, I’ve needed to slow right down and connect with what I’m doing and in this process I’m having some awesome epiphanies related to life itself.

Christian’s sessions have really surprised me, not only has he offered so much inspiration to my own yoga practice but he’s genuinely interested to understand where there are limiting beliefs and with a caring way he invites me to see them…this is awesome work right here! Sessions with Christian are all about handstands without a doubt but there is so much more to take home, if you’re up for it. 

I’m really only in ‘phase one’ but my aim is to create and maintain a sustainable and fun handstand practice, that’s why I've reached out to Christian for his help and I’m pretty certain that with his guidance and my commitment I’ll soon be feeling that full presence of grace that I’m seeking, while being upside-down in handstands." – Belinda, November 2017