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Greatest Hips Video Series

What you'll get:

  •  A series of 30 short hip-opening videos that are easy to fit into a busy lifestyle (all less than 30 minutes).
  •  More than 6.5 hours of hip stretching yoga classes broken down and categorized into 7 - 30 min classes.

  •  All classes are ‘light on the shoulders’ meaning you can do them even if you have a shoulder injury.

  •  Beautifully filmed classes in outdoor locations so you can feel like you’re doing your morning stretch on the beach.

  • BONUS 1 - Elevated Surface Sessions: If you’re just starting out, have very limited mobility or recently had knee or hip surgery that prevents you from getting down on the ground, these elevated surface sessions will help you.

  • BONUS 2 - Wall Sessions: By using an immovable force (the wall) to push against you will be able to stretch in a different way. These are great if you’ve recently had a shoulder or wrist injury as there is no weight on your shoulders. 

  • BONUS 3 - Yin Yoga PDF's: Relax tight muscles using these 3 x Yin Yoga PDF’s. Yin Yoga works by holding each position for around 5 minutes which helps muscles that have been locked tight for years to start to release.

  • Lifetime access to this content.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • Less hip pain, better movement.
  • The total value of this content is $990. Get it today for $147! 

Start improving your quality of life today!

What People Are Saying about Greatest Hips:

I have always had lower back pain and more recently a sore left hip, down my leg to my knee, which saw me flat on my back on the floor for a day taking pain killers… My sister urged me to try the “Greatest Hips” series. The short 10 minutes work outs had an immediate effect on me, no pain! My hips have more movement, they are not as stiff, I don’t get as much pain in the left hip/leg/knee, and I have gained more strength in my left leg.


Greatest Hips helped me decompress the unhealthy load on my right knee and lower back that was coming from tight hips. The easy to follow routines helped almost straight away. After a week I could finally feel my body coming back to its natural alignment. I am grateful for these sessions snd I now include them as part of my toolbox in keeping my body healthy and strong.


Christian Ralston is a teacher of rare gifts: humble, respectful, intelligent, and very funny, even when he’s inflicting a terrifyingly long hold on a challenging pose. I laugh (and want to cry) in every single class and walk away feeling great about myself and my body.


Christian, the greatest hips just keep on giving. An excellent resource for the tight hip compromised cyclist, so thanks. I'm working through them and working towards a daily dose - what a revelation.