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Hey Friend, Thanks for stopping by. I'm assuming you have some curiosity about the handstand, and that's why you're having a looksie 😊

I remember back in the day having this same kind of curiosity. I'd seen somebody in a handstand, and I remember thinking."#uck, that looks cool." And it got me wondering. Could I do this? 

I honestly, at first, had grave doubts about my ability. I really had no place even considering attempting a manoeuvre such as a handstand that seemed to require major doses of both grace and finesse. Qualities at the time I most definitely did not possess. 

I was curious, though, so I looked around the internet to try and find some help and found odd tidbits of advice. Nothing major, though.  

To cut a long story short. I pretty much learnt the handstand myself through truckloads of trial and error. It took me about 2 Years. That's a long time 😊

My intention for this Handstand Ebook is to provide you with the maximum amount of useful information that can be conveyed in printed form to help you learn the handstand a lot quicker than I did ⚑️

Highway to Handstand Free Ebook

Easy to follow, actionable steps to help you learn the handstand. Check out the free ebook book.

Top 6 Things To Know About The Handstand

1. It's a skill, just like playing the piano or riding a bike, that can be learnt.

2. Anybody you see in an amazing handstand had help from a coach or teacher. 

3. Learning the handstand teaches you that consistent practice is the key to success in ANYTHING.

4. Mastering the handstand will give you the confidence to take on other life-improving challenges.

5. The Handstand is a skill that requires no equipment. 

6. The Handstand is an awesome party trick that will really impress your friends :)

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"Christian's got a world of handstand balance wisdom. Key principles are practically captured in this ebook, and they keep coming back to help me expand my own yoga practice. Always useful, always motivating. "


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