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Are You Curious About The Handstand ?

A well-executed handstand is an impressive site to witness. It’s seeing this feat that encourages the curiosity most people need to kick-start their own handstand process.

 Since learning the handstand, Christian has taught thousands of students his handstand techniques, both in private sessions, yoga classes at some of the world’s best yoga studios, and in his consistently sold out in-person handstand classes. From witnessing the common challenges that students come up against time and time again, Christian has developed a tried and tested method to help people accomplish the handstand.

 “When I saw a calm, controlled and strong handstand for the first time, I was blown away. It was on that very day that I decided I’d like to be able to do the same thing. The four things that helped me get there were curiosity, persistence, perseverance – and a little help. I have complete confidence that anyone who has these can make it happen. I wrote this eBook to give guidance to the people who already have the first dash of curiosity. It’s time to see where that curiosity can take you.”

- Christian

Learning the Handstand

Learning to do a handstand is about more than mastering an impressive trick. From the full body training it provides, to the mental and physical stamina it encourages, you’ll be surprised by how much more you can pick up along the way. This eBook will give you the step by step tools you need. It provides not just the technical skills needed, but also diagnoses common physical and mental challenges that people face when learning, and gives the tools needed to overcome them.

 It’s time to turn your curiosity into a rock-solid handstand. All you need is this eBook, persistence and perseverance.

 What will you get from this eBook?

  •  Tips on fully body training – core, arm, shoulder strength, endurance and wrist mobility.
  • A physical and mental challenge – you’ll learn to push yourself out of your comfort zone.
  • Confidence – as you progress, you’ll find yourself overcoming mental barriers, and have the backing of Christian to help you develop the right mindset.
  • Common problems and simple solutions – Christian’s experience teaching countless handstand classes will give you that extra push to succeed.
  • A good party trick – your handstand is bound to impress your friends!


Highway to Handstand Free Ebook

For easy to follow and actionable steps to learn the handstand check out the free ebook book.

Top 6 Things To Know About The Handstand

1. It's a skill, just like playing the piano or riding a bike that can be learnt.

2. Anybody you see in an amazing handstand had help from a coach or teacher. 

3. Learning the handstand teaches you that consistent practice is the key to success, in ANYTHING.

4. Mastering the handstand will give you the confidence to take on other life improving challenges.

5. The Handstand is a skill that requires no equipment. 

6. The Handstand is an awesome party trick that will really impress your friends :)

Free Handstand Ebook Available Here

"Christian's got a world of handstand balance wisdom. Key principles are practically captured in this ebook, and they keep coming back to help me expand my own yoga practice. Always useful, always motivating. "


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