Sasha Delivers, Again

Sasha Delivers, Again. 

UK DJ Sasha has been around since the early days of house music. I credit a night I had many moons ago at the Metro Theatre in Sydney (when 7am was an early finish time for a party) as the point where my love and musical appreciation found new depths. It was probably the best time I'd ever had on a dance floor and I was well and truly hooked.

Sasha was in Sydney with John Digweed to promote Northern Exposure, a 2 Disc mix CD which came out in 1996. The mixes were separated in Journeys, one North and the other, South. The North mix had a more chill-out vibe which you can listen to here. It's something that I consider a masterpiece of electronic music. When I put together a yoga mix I take huge influence and inspiration from how Sasha & Digweed went about their work. 

Sasha recently came out with another offering on Late Night Tales ("The Rolls Royce of Mix Compilations" says GQ Magazine) called Scene Delete. A mix is generally a selection of other peoples music. In this edition of Late Night Tales, Sasha produced all the tracks himself. It's a wonderful piece of electronic music and it certainly shows that old mate has still got it. You can have a listen to the mix below or here if you don't have Spotify. The tracks are also available individually if you wanted to pick and choose and make your own playlist.