How to nail your handstand (or try out your first ever class)

I’ve been teaching yoga for a few years now and love talking to students. Check in with how they’re going, and hear what they’re working on. But within these conversations there are a bunch of statements that come up again and again. “I’m not flexible. I want to do a handstand but I don’t know how. I don’t feel confident in a group class.”

When I first started yoga it seemed impossible. I’m not naturally flexible and the teacher asked me to do the craziest things with my body, it felt awkward and she didn't understand what it felt like to be tight and stiff. Over time it got better. I slowly became more mobile, and eventually regained range of motion in my twice-reconstructed knee which i consider to be a yoga miracle. I couldnt get near a squat or even kneel down my knee was so bad. 

As my yoga journey progressed and i started to think bigger, beyond just gaining mobility  I started to think that one day Id like to do a handstand. I approached a teacher who i knew and trusted and told them i wanted help. We arranged a time for a 1 on 1 and she passed on her knowledge. Away from the group class setting she had time to pinpoint my focus, answer my questions and give me practical steps to work towards a goal. I worked hard on it and now I'm hand-standing and teaching Yoga for a living and have never looked back. 

What you wish to work will be very specific to you and will vary and change as time goes on. 

Top 5 things I get asked: 

1. “I don’t think I’m strong enough. Can you help me build strength?” 
2. “I really want to do a handstand. Can you teach me?”
3. “I’m a runner and my legs are super tight. Can you show me how to get flexible?”
4. “I know nothing. Can you set me up with the basics so I feel ready to go to class?”
5. I don’t get the attention I need in a big class. Can you answer my questions?”

Answer to everything? YES!

What do we do now? Give me a shout! Whether you’re a never-done-yoga-before newbie, want to build strength, increase your natural range of motion, are working with injury or want to nail a particular pose, a Private 1 on 1 Session is the best way to progress.

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