This mix is a compilation of tracks Ive been playing in class over the last month (March) The title comes from a track called Man o To by NU.  Man o To is one of my favourites tracks i play in class. The translation of the lyrics are below. 

"The pleasant moment of sitting in front of the door, me and you.
With two figures and two faces, with one life, me and you.
joyful and careless, free from distracting myths, me and you.
me and you, without us (ego), gather because of virtue (love)"

The mix is also a sneak preview into some of the tracks you may hear at Wanderlust 108. I just had the pleasure at playing at the Sydney event. There's 2 more 108's to go, Melbourne May 13th and Brisbane May 27th. Ill also be giving a talk on how you would go about putting together a next level playlist.

I hope you enjoy listening to this as much as i enjoyed putting it together.